Myth or Fact? Weight Gain.

Q&A with Diane Quagliani, R.D.

Q. Diet sodas and “light products” cause weight gain – myth or fact?

A. Myth.

This myth doesn’t make much sense at all.  Something that does not have calories cannot contribute to weight gain. Cutting 150 calories a day from your diet by using light products such as diet soda, light yogurt, low-calorie sweeteners, etc., can help you lose up to 15 pounds over the course of a year. Don’t believe the misinformation on the Internet about low-calorie sweeteners such as aspartame.  Numerous studies demonstrate the safety of aspartame and its safety is supported by major health groups such as the American Medical Association, American Dietetic Association and American Diabetes Association.



Registered dietitian Diane Quagliani’s nutrition articles have appeared in Better Homes & Gardens, Weight Watchers Magazine, Teen, the LA Times and the Chicago Tribune. Diane has also appeared on CNN, MSNBC, Phil Lembert’s Supermarket Guru and more. Diane is a former spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association (ADA) and reviewed the ADA’s position paper on Food and Nutrition Misinformation.

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