From Bench to Broadcast: Putting Research into Perspective

Description With obesity and diabetes at epidemic proportions, the time to act is now. Practical, real-world strategies related to weight and diabetes control must be provided to the general public to aid them in making better overall healthy lifestyle choices. However, many studies are taken out of context. Dr. Adam...

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Stevia: A Naturally Sweet Alternative

Dr. Claire Kruger, Dr. Mike Carakostas and Hope Warshaw, RD discuss the history of stevia, the safety assessment and how this ingredient is now being used in foods and beverages. Get the most up to date and scientifically accurate information regarding stevia and acquire a more in-depth knowledge of the...

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Other Resources

American Council on Science and Health Health Panel Applauds Approval of New Sweetener Sugar Substitutes and Your Health National Cancer Institute Artificial Sweeteners and Cancer American Academy of Family Physicians Pregnancy: Keeping Yourself and Your Baby Healthy Keeping Your Heart Healthy Through Good Nutrition and Exercise American Heart Artificial Sweeteners...

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Other Great Resources

Key Articles and Fact Sheets American Academy of Family Physicians Affirms Safety of Low-Calorie Sweetener Use by Pregnant Women American Council on Science and Health Affirms Safety of Sugar Substitutes American Diabetes Association Statement Regarding Low-Calorie Sweeteners Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Statement Regarding Benefits of Nutritive and Nonnutritive Sweeteners American Heart Association Recommends...

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Benefits of Low-Calorie Sweeteners

The Role of Low-Calorie Sweeteners in Weight Control Low-calorie sweeteners provide consumers with many benefits, both psychological and physiological. Health professionals and consumers believe low-calorie sweeteners are effective for the following purposes: weight maintenance, weight reduction, management of diabetes, reduction of dental caries, and reduction in the risks associated with...

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Prebiotics and Probiotics

Functional foods are generally described as foods that provide some health-benefits beyond traditional nutritional values. For example, probiotics and/or prebiotics may be added to foods to increase functionality. The Greek translation of Probiotic is "for life." A probiotic is a microorganism in a food or supplement containing live microorganisms that...

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