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Mouse Study Comparing Fructose and Glucose Diets with Sucrose (Sugar) Diets Not Applicable to Humans

Findings presented in a study titled “Compared to Sucrose, Previous Consumption of Fructose and Glucose Monosaccharides Reduces Survival and Fitness of Female Mice” by Ruff et al.1 should be interpreted with caution. The authors overstate that “This study provides unique experimental evidence that the consumption of a 1:1 ratio of F/G can dramatically decrease female mammalian health compared with the intake of an isocaloric amount of sucrose” as it is well-established that findings in one species are often different that those in other species.

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Delicious and nutritious dip recipes that won't spike fat intake, below!
Carolyn O'Neil, dietitian and author of the “Slim Down South Cookbook”, discusses how to embrace holiday flavor while watching calories.
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