Myth or Fact? Lose Weight Faster.

Q. If I drastically cut calories, I’ll lose weight faster – myth or fact?

A. Myth.

Experts say that significantly reducing the number of calories you consume can actually hinder weight loss efforts. Further, drastically cutting calories often leaves people feeling deprived and very low-calorie diets cannot be maintained over the long-term. “Instead of focusing on deprivation, focus on making small changes you can live with for a lifetime,” says Beth Hubrich, a registered dietitian with Calorie Control Council. Instead of opting for a fad diet, find a reasonable eating and exercise plan that supports the loss of one-half to two pounds per week. “Adopt healthful habits that you will be able to stick to indefinitely, and always allow yourself a little wiggle room for special occasions,” said Hubrich. “By making better nutrition choices, eating smaller portions, exercising and reducing you overall caloric intake you have the best chance of keeping off weight over the long term.”

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