Fat Replacers Q&A

Reducing dietary fat is a major dietary goal for many consumers. With encouragement from health groups and government agencies, the public continues to choose foods and beverages naturally low in fat, as well as the fast-growing array of prepared reduced-fat and non-fat foods and beverages. The development and use of a wide variety of ingredients known as fat replacers are making many of these light products possible.

What is fat?
What role does dietary fat play?
Should all fat be eliminated from the diet?
How can dietary fat be reduced?
What are 'fat replacers'?
Why do we need fat replacers?
What are fat replacers made from?
Are fat replacers safe?
Can fat replacers be used by people with diabetes?
Do we need more than one fat replacer?
In what products are fat replacers currently used?
In what products will fat replacers be used in the future?
Do consumers really want low-fat foods and beverages?
Do consumers really want fat replacers?
How can fat replacers, and the products they are used in, affect diet and nutrition?
How can low-fat products help people attain dietary goals such as to reduce fat, cholesterol and calories?
How many calories do fat replacers have?
Can fat replacers help consumers lose weight?
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