A Big Game, Not A Big Gorge

Every year american football games draw millions of viewers. According to USA Today, the 2019 Big Game had 100.7 million viewers with streaming included. The watching of the game also comes in second place, only to Thanksgiving, as the biggest food day of the year, according to The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The abundance of food also means there are a lot of calories sitting on the table, literally.

In the past, the Calorie Control Council reported on a 1,200 calorie snack menu (potato chips, tortilla chips, pretzels, popcorn and nuts) as well as a 2,400 calories menu of pizza, wings, nachos and beer. This year, the Calorie Control Council wants to be a part of your party with this easy to manage menu that helps to keep your calories in check as you are hosting your big game party on Sunday, February 7.


These can easily turn into high cal snacks  in as little as 10 mins of eating time! Try opting for vegetable-heavy options everywhere you can whether it be in the actual dip itself or the items you are dipping!



You’ve heard the saying “don’t drink all your calories,” your drink choices are just as important as your food picks. Opt for the light beer or diet soda, instead of their full-calorie counterparts.

For more recipes check out  Stevia’s Football Season Pinterest board.

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