Myth or Fact? Hydration.

Q&A with Diane Quagliani, R.D. Q.

Q. Beverages such as lemonades and sodas don’t count towards hydration during the summer – myth or fact?

A. Myth.

Beverages such as lemonades and sodas can contribute to overall water intake. According to the National Academy of Sciences, even beverages with caffeine can help contribute to your hydration needs. If you’re looking to reduce your calories, try light beverages such as light lemonade, no-calorie flavored water and diet soda. By cutting just 50 calories a day, five pounds could be lost over the course of the year.




Registered dietitian Diane Quagliani’s nutrition articles have appeared in Better Homes & Gardens, Weight Watchers Magazine, Teen, the LA Times and the Chicago Tribune. Diane has also appeared on CNN, MSNBC, Phil Lembert’s Supermarket Guru and more. Diane is a former spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association (ADA) and reviewed the ADA’s position paper on Food and Nutrition Misinformation.

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