Calorie Control Council Predicts Top 5 Trends in Dieting and Healthy Eating in 2012

ATLANTA (January 9, 2012) – For many people, losing weight will become a high priority this January. Refrigerators will be stripped of holiday leftovers, gym memberships will increase and new weight loss goals will be made. Fortunately, more than 186 million American adults – or eight out of ten men and women – say they already have been “weight conscious” during the past year, according to a national survey conducted by the Calorie Control Council (CCC). More than five out of ten (54%) have been trying to reduce their weight, and noted that exercise, cutting back on sugar, using low-calorie or reduced sugar products, and restricting the size of meal portions are the most common approaches.

With so many Americans focusing on controlling and losing weight, what trends will emerge in 2012? The CCC is making these predictions when it comes to weight loss and obesity for the coming year:

  1. More focus on farm to table: Trying to buy local products and cook seasonally.
  2. Branching out and trying more international types of foods: food choices will be influenced more often by other countries and ethnic cuisines.
  3. Trendy exercises: In terms of exercise, the “barre” exercises will become more popular – with an emphasis on strengthening and lengthening muscles, taking a cue from ballet and dance-type exercises.
  4. Calories count: According to the CCC, eighty-two percent of American adults consume low-calorie and sugar-free foods and beverages, to reduce calories and cut back on added sugars in their diets. That number will increase as more low-calorie products and recipes are introduced to the public.
  5. Family meals more in vogue: Due to the economy people are eating out less and there will be more of a focus on nutritious, easy recipes that can get to the table quickly, but still bring the family together on a budget.

“With life busier and more stressful than ever, rather than making a complete overhaul, people will be looking for small steps they can take to be healthier,” said Beth Hubrich, a registered dietitian and executive director of the CCC. “Simple lifestyle changes such as increasing fruit and veggies by one serving per day, cutting out 50-150 calories per day by eating fewer bites of a sandwich, choosing a diet soda or low-cal beverage in place of the regular versions, and exercising 10 minutes here or there, can make a big difference in 2012 – and hopefully for life.”

Overall, according to the CCC, 2012 will be a year of positive change when it comes to calorie control – both calories consumed, and calories burned. “Keep a daily exercise and food diary to really see how many calories you’re putting in and burning back off,” advises Hubrich. “And find a friend or family member to exercise with and compare healthy eating notes. A little friendly competition can help you stay focused on your goals. Also, just cutting 100 calories a day over the course of a year can make a major difference. That small amount – which most people will never miss – can result in a 5-10 lb. weight loss.”

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