Low- and Reduced Calorie Sweeteners and Dietary Fiber Low-calorie foods and beverages provide consumers with many benefits, both psychological and physiological. Health professionals and consumers believe low-calorie products, including low-calorie sweeteners, are effective for the following purposes: weight maintenance, weight reduction, management of diabetes, reduction of dental caries and reduction...

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Ingredient Spotlight: Olestra

Snacks made with olestra are the alternative to full-fat, full calorie snacking – it’s what helps make great tasting savory snacks for today’s health-conscious lifestyles. Since its approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1996, more than three billion servings of olestra snacks have been sold. HOW...

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FDA Approves Use of Olean in Popcorn

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced the approval of Olean® (also known as olestra) in prepackaged ready-to-heat popcorn (such as microwave popcorn). Olestra can replace the added fat and calories from fat in fried foods. Snack foods made with olestra have been tremendously popular with consumers and products...

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Glossary of Fat Replacers

Food technologists are investigating a wide range of ingredients and processes to replace fat in foods and beverages. The following is a list of fat replacers currently in use or that have research efforts in place to develop them. PROTEIN-BASED FAT REPLACERS Microparticulated Protein (Simplesse®) Reduced-calorie (1-2 calorie/gram) ingredient made...

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faq2Do you have questions about low-calorie sweeteners? Want to learn more about maintaining a healthy lifestyle? You asked and we listened. Our resident Registered Dietitians answered the most popular questions about low-calorie sweeteners.

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