Tips and Tricks to Help Your Resolutions Stick

By Beth Hubrich, RD, CaloriesCount Contributor

It’s almost the end of January, and if you are like me, your resolutions have long been left at the wayside.  (Truth be told, I didn’t make any resolutions this year because I never seem to be able to keep them.  Instead, I’m focusing on taking things a little less to heart, looking at the big picture and letting go.)  But let’s not get off track (like our resolutions)!  If losing weight was at the top of your resolution “wish list,” read on for some simple and practical suggestions to make your resolution stick through 2012 and beyond!


  • Lose the “quick fix” mentality.  Sure, swearing off carbs and desserts may be doable for a month or so, but it’s probably not something you can stick with over the long term.  Short term strategies can result in weight loss, but chances are good that if it is not a lifestyle change, the weight will eventually creep back.
  • Make your resolutions realistic!  Losing 10 pounds in 2 weeks is probably not going to happen.  Chances are good that you didn’t gain weight overnight, so don’t expect to lose weight overnight, either.  A more realistic goal is a weight loss of 1-2 pounds a week.  It may not sound exciting, but you’re more likely to keep off the weight.
  • Be more active, all the time and everywhere.  Hitting the gym and working with a personal trainer are great, but there are other ways to “sneak in” physical activity as well.   Skip the closest parking place and opt for one farther away, walk your child to a playdate instead of driving, take the stairs at work instead of the elevator, etc.  You may also want to look into a pedometer.  Tracking your “steps” and making a goal to increase those steps is an easy and attainable way to be more active and help burn calories.
  • Keep it simple and make it specific.  Instead of saying “This year I vow to lose 30 pounds” say “By May I want to lose 5 pounds.”  Although you may want to lose 30 pounds, if you set smaller, more attainable goals you will be more likely to reach that smaller goal, which will spur you on to the larger goal. Find easy ways to cut calories by making simple substitutions.  Did you know that just cutting 150 calories a day over the course of a year could result in a 5-10 pound weight loss!
  • Reward yourself and give yourself a break. Sometimes the best laid plans are well, just plans.  Life gets hectic, work gets busy and pretty soon Spring will be here.  If you find yourself “off track” cut yourself some slack and don’t beat yourself up.  Re-evaluate your goals, find out where you got “tripped up” and get back on track.
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