Day 4: 2000 Calories a Day The Healthy Way


Cream of Wheat

(3/4 cup with 1 teaspoon brown sugar)

Low-Fat Bran Muffin (1 large)

Real Orange Juice (1 cup)

Skim Milk (1 cup)


Cantaloupe and Watermelon Balls (2 cups)


Ham and Cheese Sandwich

(3 ounces lean ham and 1 ounce sharp, light cheddar cheese on 2 slices whole wheat bread served with 1 dill pickle spear, lettuce leaves, tomato slice and 1 T. fat-free mayonnaise )

Pretzels (1 ounce)

Sparkling Water (8 ounces)


Fat-Free, Sugar-Free Cappuccino Yogurt (1 cup)

Honey Graham Crackers (3)


Crunchy Baked Cod

(4 ounces topped with 2 tsp. crushed low-sugar flake cereal)

Asparagus Spears (6)

Baked Sweet Potato (1 medium)

Whole Wheat Roll (1 ounce)

Whipped Extra-Light Margarine (2 tsp.)

Light Lemonade (1 cup)

Gelatin Parfait

(1/2 cup fruit gelatin layered with 2 T. light whipped topping)


1907 calories
300 grams carbohydrate
80 grams protein
43 grams fat
10 saturated fat


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